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BULGEBUSTER NEWS  Last Updated on July 10, 2011.

(most information has been excerpted from the 75th Division Veterans' Association Bulgebuster Newsletter)


View a copy of the May 1946 Bulgebuster Newsletter.


A few photos from the 2007 Reunion in Kansas City, Missouri


As you may know, I haven't updated this page (not to mention many other pages on this site) for quite some time.  I apologize for that and I hope to find more time for these pages in the future.  I have made it a priority to faithfully update the "Deceased Roster" each month.  Below is the latest update from the January 2011 Bulgebuster.  I only transpose the highlights from the newsletter so there is not a huge amount of information.

2011 Reunion


The 75th Division Veterans' Association 2011 Reunion will be held in Washington, D.C., August 24 through 27 with a included "departure breakfast" on Sunday, August 28.  Click on the registration links below for complete information.

2011 Reunion Registration Form

2011 Reunion Tour Registration Form





ALL Veterans Can Now Salute


  US Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) announced passage by unanimous consent of his Bill (S. 1877) clarifying US law to allow veterans and servicemen not in uniform to salute the flag. 

  Senator Inhofe said, "I look forward to seeing those who have served saluting proudly at baseball games, parades, and formal events.  I believe this is an appropriate way to honor and recognize the 25 million Veterans in the United States who have served in the military and remain as role models to other citizens.  Those who are currently serving or have served in the military have earned the right, and their recognition will be an inspiration to others."





Dear Mr. Warmouth,

A little while ago, I proudly adopted the grave of Pfc. John B. Donaldson, 290 Inf. 75 Division at the American War Cemetery nearby Margraten the Netherlands.


With every visit at the cemetery I feel more solidarity with Pfc. John B. Donaldson, so I have decided to try and find more information about him, his division, his regiment, his section, actually about everything which has a relationship with him.


I already had contact with Mr. Puckett from, he gave me your address to get in contact with you, trying to find more information.


He also wrote me that the Veterans Association has a monthly newspaper the Bulgebuster.  It is maybe a suggestion that my request for information will be published in your monthly newsletter, the Bulgebuster.


I hope that you or members of the Veterans Association can and will help me to find more information about Pfc. John B. Donaldson.


Name: Donaldson, John B.

State: Delaware

ASN: 32755164

Unit: L Section, 290 Inf., 75 Division

Rank: PFC

D.o.D.: April 1945


I have already found out that Pfc. John B. Donaldson probably killed in action in the neighborhood of Dortmund / Recklinghausen in Germany.



Ser Dieteren


Ozark Infantry Reactivated


According to a recent Army directive, the 102nd Ozark Infantry Division is being reactivated in October 2007 as a training division and will be headquartered in the Ozark Mountains at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.  Infantry training will include Navy and Air Force personnel destined for service in Iraq.  Dormant for the past decade, it was formerly a reserve division in the Missouri - Illinois region.  Division colors were ceremoniously unfurled at a recent reunion of the Ozark veteran's association in St. Louis.





Visit the 75th Division Dad Guest Book or try the 75th Division Dad Discussions Group.  Leave your message or peruse those left by others.  The links are also available on the 75th Division Home Page


Research suggestions:

I receive many emails asking for my help in finding out information about a loved one or friend who fought in WWII.  Here's some places to jump start your search.


- First and foremost, find the persons discharge paper.  This document should list some important information you will need such as: Ranks achieved, unit, service locations, awards and medals, as well as several other important items.  If you don't have this document, see if you can obtain a copy from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

-  Once you know what unit your veteran was in you have a real place to start.  Find the Veterans' organization associated with your veteran and contact them.  If your veteran was a member of the 75th Division, write to the 75th Division Veterans' Association and ask that your query be published in their monthly newsletter, "The Bulgebuster."  Be concise but also be as specific as you can, including the information you have and be sure and list your contact information.  If you have a photo of the veteran (from the period) you might include it as well.  To contact the 75th Div Assoc. write to: 75th Division Veterans' Association, 6545 W. 11th St., Indianapolis, IN 46214.




TGGF Helps Veterans Return

To Where They Served

Are you a veteran?  Have you had the desire to return to where you served overseas?  Are you short on funds to be able to fulfill this desire?

The Greatest Generations Foundation may be able to help.  Visit their website, by clicking the picture below, to learn more.



New Life Members!


Paul Belanger

Margaret Keltner

Charles Shelton

James Weisinger

Charles Woodman

Sheldon Taubern



A Very Touching Letter...

Dear Mr Puckett
I am emailing from the UK after I happened on your website and noted the reference to PORTHCAWL, SOUTH WALES, UK in your history of the 75th Infantry and to their short stay in the town. This has prompted me to contact you with a few reminiscences from "this side".
Aged 4 in 1939, I  lived with my family in Porthcawl -  a small town of no military significance to the German raiders who concentrated on shipping,  docks, industrial sites etc at Cardiff or Swansea, to east and west of the town.
Something  which might have attracted attention had they known were the several large military camps and various billets in or around the town. Through these camps passed many allied troops of numerous nations - British, Canadian, Free French, and of course American.
 I can recall none of the various units to which these guys were attached except one -the 75th Infantry  -  which is writ large in my mind. The 75th shoulderflash I recognised instantly on your website and it brought back happy memories! 
My parents were both regular worshippers at the local Baptist church. It was the custom to welcome in our church visitors from the army units  based in those camps. By far the majority of  those visitors were undoubtedly US army. One Sunday morning after the service, my father engaged 2 US servicemen in conversation which ended by his inviting them to our home for traditional Sunday lunch.
So began a regular event and I recollect that few if any Sundays passed without one or more guests being  welcomed. A number became regular visitors and firm friends who spent furlough with us if their units had moved on to other parts of the UK or Europe. 
As a small boy I was totally smitten with them all and remember them with affection.
My late mother regretted afterwards that she had not kept  a record of  the scores of servicemen with their names and addresses, but at the time I think she may have felt it might in some way be unlucky for them.
One GI we met was  Robert (Bobby) Burnett who was 18 years old and had a crew cut before he left for UK. This was on the advice of his father who had fought in the First World war trenches.
and would , he reckoned reduce the risk of headlice. 
He was from Talahassee Florida and a hero of mine! He kindly brought me a present - a book which I still have and treasure. Other names include Fred Reusse, and a Tech sergeant (I think), called Betts, also a Staltenburg(?) and maybe a Captain Miles but he may have been  with  the 28th Infantry who came later I think. They were billeted in a seafront hotel called the Esplanade where I recall Bobby doing KP one day to his disgust! 
I much regret that surnames to a small boy were not important - it was always Dave or Bill or Bobby etc.and I have to say that my grasp of events and recall of the timing here may not be entirely accurate.
 Reusse and Betts I'm pretty sure were in the Ardennes and the Bulge and came back to UK for R&R which they spent  with us. I think there are one or two photographs in existence.
We never got to know what subsequently happened to most of these men and I guess a numberm, sadly, did not return home..
I hope it was ok to contact you and although I have in no way been able to add to the valiant history of the 75th, you should know that we all were, and we remain, warmly grateful for their presence, for their unfailing courtesy,  for their valour, and for their  selfless service in a foreign land so far from home.  I thought you should  know that.
 You have every right to feel proud of the history of the honourable band of men with whom your father served. 
For my part, chancing on your website brought back far off memories of wartime and the kindnesses of strong and gentle men who we were proud to call our friends
With good wishes to the 75th, and to you,
Arthur Davies


Many thanks to you and your family, Mr. Davies, for giving our soldiers a home away from home!  Your thoughts and kind words are much appreciated!

2011 Dues are Payable Now...

From July 1, 2010 to July 1, 2010


Dues may be mailed to:  Treasurer, 75th Division Veterans' Association Inc., 801 North Ashton Street, Alexandria VA 22312.  Lifetime dues are $200.00.  2009 Dues are $20.00.  Spouses, Sons, and Daughters of 75th Division Veterans are eligible to join the Association as "Associate Members."  I also believe that non-WWII Veterans of the 75th (e.g., 75th Division Exercise) are now eligible to join. It also may be possible for Grandchildren to join, please contact the Association for specific information.  Membership includes a monthly edition of "The Bulgebuster" newsletter.  Donations are also accepted. 



New Remembrance:

Donald Bryson - A 289





All veterans of WWII who earned the Combat Infantry Badge are eligible to receive the Bronze Star Medal.  If you are not sure whether or not you or your relative earned this most cherished of medals, you can check the veteran's military discharge paper.  Application for the Bronze Star may be made to the United States National Archives and Records Administration.

New Caps are Available...


Ball Caps have the European Theatre of Operations (ETO) Ribbon and come in red, white, or blue.  These caps are $15.00.  To order write to:  Emery Antonucci at


(sample photo - caps ordered may or may not be identical)



75th Division Veterans Assoc. Coin

The 75th Division Veterans Association is offering a collector coin.  Please click the icon below for more information.








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