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BULGEBUSTER NEWS  Last Updated on July 10, 2011.

(most information has been excerpted from the 75th Division Veterans' Association Bulgebuster Newsletter)


View a copy of the May 1946 Bulgebuster Newsletter.


A few photos from the 2007 Reunion in Kansas City, Missouri


As you may know, I haven't updated this page (not to mention many other pages on this site) for quite some time.  I apologize for that and I hope to find more time for these pages in the future.  I have made it a priority to faithfully update the "Deceased Roster" each month.  Below is the latest update from the January 2011 Bulgebuster.  I only transpose the highlights from the newsletter so there is not a huge amount of information.

2011 Reunion


The 75th Division Veterans' Association 2011 Reunion will be held in Washington, D.C., August 24 through 27 with a included "departure breakfast" on Sunday, August 28.  Click on the registration links below for complete information.

2011 Reunion Registration Form

2011 Reunion Tour Registration Form





ALL Veterans Can Now Salute


  US Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) announced passage by unanimous consent of his Bill (S. 1877) clarifying US law to allow veterans and servicemen not in uniform to salute the flag. 

  Senator Inhofe said, "I look forward to seeing those who have served saluting proudly at baseball games, parades, and formal events.  I believe this is an appropriate way to honor and recognize the 25 million Veterans in the United States who have served in the military and remain as role models to other citizens.  Those who are currently serving or have served in the military have earned the right, and their recognition will be an inspiration to others."





Dear Mr. Warmouth,

A little while ago, I proudly adopted the grave of Pfc. John B. Donaldson, 290 Inf. 75 Division at the American War Cemetery nearby Margraten the Netherlands.


With every visit at the cemetery I feel more solidarity with Pfc. John B. Donaldson, so I have decided to try and find more information about him, his division, his regiment, his section, actually about everything which has a relationship with him.


I already had contact with Mr. Puckett from, he gave me your address to get in contact with you, trying to find more information.


He also wrote me that the Veterans Association has a monthly newspaper the Bulgebuster.  It is maybe a suggestion that my request for information will be published in your monthly newsletter, the Bulgebuster.


I hope that you or members of the Veterans Association can and will help me to find more information about Pfc. John B. Donaldson.


Name: Donaldson, John B.

State: Delaware