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A collection of some of the photos I took while visiting Belgium in May of 2001.  Beautiful country, friendly people, excellent food, beautiful architecture...I could go on and on.  If you decide to go, try and avoid going as part of a tourist group (with the exception of returning with a veteran's group-which I would like to do) and just "wing it."  Fly over, rent a car, and throw out your inhibitions - you'll be fine.  Enjoy!


From the collection of J. Puckett



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A carnival in Rochfort, Belgium.  May 2001.

A carnival in Rochefort, Belgium.  May 2001.

Durbuy, Belgium.  May 2001.


Waterloo.  May 2001.

Great place to eat.  Bastogne, Belgium.  May 2001.



Bastogne, Belgium.  May 2001.

Bastogne, Belgium.  May 2001.



Bastogne, Belgium.  WWII Memorial and Museum.  A photo of my favorite Infantry Division's entry on the Memorial.

May 2001.

Dinant, Belgium.  May 2001.  View from the fortress.



Dinant, Belgium.  Looking toward the fortress.  May 2001.

My favorite town in Belgium - Bouillon.  May 2001.  Absolutely beautiful.



Bouillon, Belgium.  May 2001.




Belgian Coutryside.  May 2001.
Dinant, Belgium.  May 2001.


La Roche en Ardenne, Belgium.  This city was devastated by

the Nazi Army during the Battle of the Bulge. 

There is a very good WWII Museum here with many artifacts on display.  May 2001. 



View looking down on La Roche en Ardenne from the ancient castle.

 I think the Romans were the original builders of this castle.

May 2001.

Bouillon, Belgium.  Ahhhh...the chocolate.  May 2001.

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