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75th Division Dad - the "Unofficial" Internet Home of the 75th Infantry Division Veterans Association.
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Welcome to the 75th Division Dad website.  I created this website in 1998 as a tribute to my late father, Resol Puckett, and also in an attempt to possibly find some of his wartime buddies.  The site has evolved and become what it is today—a tribute to all those who served in the United States Army’s 75th Infantry Division during WWII. 

The men of the 75th received their “Baptism of Fire” on the WWII Battlefields of Belgium, France, Holland, and Germany.  In Belgium, the 75th contributed significantly to the Allied effort of halting the German Army's advance toward their objective - Antwerp, Belgium.  In France and Holland, they assisted French, British, and other Allied contingents in driving the last stalwart remnants of the German military machine back into their homeland.  In Germany, they conquered the enemy’s defenses of its vast industrial complex, where thousands of slave laborers were freed and protected.

Unfortunately, the 75th Infantry Division’s historical record, contained in numerous books and other publications, is (at best) a very small glimpse into the combat history of one of the finest American fighting forces assembled during WWII.  The numerous errors and omissions contained in these various publications may be largely attributable to the fact that the 75th Division lacked a public relations organization of the size and stature that was prevalent in some of the more well known units of WWII.  Needless to say, a good deal of the historical information concerning the 75th is inaccurate or otherwise skewed, particularly as the history regarding the 290th Regiment was recorded by the Author Gerald Astor in his books titled "Battling Buzzards: The Odyssey of the 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team 1943-1945" and "A Blood Dimmed Tide: The Battle of the Bulge by the Men Who Fought It."  These two books and several other historical writings have mistakenly dishonored the men of the 290th and, in some cases, have portrayed these men as sorely inept and incapable.

Therefore, I have tried  to include as much information as possible about the 75th and attempted to correct some of the "misinformation" that has been propagated throughout the years.  Most of the information you will find here came from the Veterans of the 75th Infantry Division.

I am currently in the process of rebuilding the site and this could take some time.  Quite honestly, I've neglected to maintain the site over the past couple of years and there is quite a bit of information to be scanned and uploaded.  I ask for your patience during over the next several months and hope that you find the updates interesting and helpful.

One final word, since my original intent for creating this website was to locate my Dad's wartime buddies, I would ask that if you have any information regarding the identities and/or whereabouts of the men in my photo collection that you would please take a moment and contact me.  My email is strewn throughout this site so, please, feel free to contact me with information or questions.  Thanks for visiting!

In Memory of Resol Puckett

1922 - 1980

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During WWII, the soldiers of the 75th Division earned 3 Distinguished Service Crosses, 3 Legion of Merit, 114 Silver Stars, 21 Soldiers Medals, 1,287 Bronze Stars, and 29 Air Medals.  Did you know that all WWII Veterans who earned the Combat Infantry Badge are now eligible for the Bronze Star?  To find out more click here.

The 75th Division Veterans Association's 2007 Reunion ended on...Everyone seemed to have a great time.  Personally, I was thrilled to again meet with some of my Veteran friends and pleased to see they are doing well.  I was disappointed as well, since some of my dear friends could not attend and others had passed away since our last meeting in Chicago. Its amazing to have the opportunity to just sit back, watch these guys, and listen to their Remembrances of so many years ago.  Time is flying by.  The Association is already making plans for the National Executive Committee meeting scheduled for April 3rd through the 6th in  ....Click here to read more.

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Searching for David Chandler, 75th Div, 290th Regiment, Company L.  Chandler was from Arkansas....possibly an auto mechanic before WWII.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Tribute to 1st Lt. John Silas Sheffield Peirson USAT BRAZIL IMAGES USAT BRAZIL...More Joe Colcord's Manuscript

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This Webaite is Dedicated in Memory of My Dad, Resol B. Puckett and To All Those Who Served and Sacrificed.  Thank you to all those who have contributed to this website.