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75th Infantry Division Remembrance Submission Form

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You must have been a member of the 75th Infantry Division during WWII, a friend, or a relative of a 75th Division Veteran to use this form.  (Note: Remembrances submitted from other units will be accepted but the Remembrance must be concerning the activities of or interaction with the 75th Infantry Division.) 


By submitting this form you give your permission to have your Remembrance, name, and hometown displayed on the 75th Division Dad web site.  Other personal information, i.e., your address, phone number, and e-mail will NOT be displayed to the public unless it is included in the actual Remembrance.

Please provide the following contact information:

All required fields must be submitted or the Remembrance will NOT be posted.  Thanks!

Your email address  will NOT be sold to or shared with other parties and I do not send out newsletters or spam email!

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In the box below, please enter the Unit(s) you were assigned to and date ranges.  (75th Division only - unless you are submitting as a member of another unit who had interaction with the 75th Division or any of its components).

( Note: If you were not assigned to the 75th Division but wish to submit information about the 75th Division, you must include your assigned unit information.  For instance, if you were a member of the 3rd Armored and you wish to submit a Remembrance of events concerning the 75th Division, you must submit your 3rd Armored Unit assignment ).  Please be specific and include Battalion, Regimental, Company, Platoon and Squad information, if possible. 


In the box below, please enter your Remembrance.  You may either type the information or paste the text from another application.  Please include military service chronology, decorations, citations, ranks and, if possible, remembrances of specific combat and non-combat actions.  Also, please keep in mind that the intent of these Remembrance pages is to record as much history as possible about the war, as witnessed by those who lived it.  While I appreciate the fact that many may not want to give any details other than their rank, citations, medals, campaigns, etc., the intent is to record specific Remembrances of combat and non-combat actions as well as other detailed memories of WWII and the 75th Division's activities - for posterity.  Having said that, I will continue to post all submissions but I would appreciate as much information as possible.  Please note that anonymous submissions will not be accepted.  Please refer to the link below for reference as to format and desired information.


Click here to see an example Remembrance.

Your Remembrance may not look like the example, as submitted, but the format should be similar.  The only editing performed will be to make your Remembrance more visually appealing - what you submit will be published.  Thank You!


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